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5 Reasons to document your fitness journey

Don't talk, just act. Don't say, just show. Don't promise, just prove. This quote is one to live by when you are first starting out on your fitness journey. You do not need to tell people what is going on. You do not need to let other people try and put you down. Show up do the work and the results will prove themselves when you become better than they could ever be. In this article I am going to go over the 5 best tips onto why you want to document your fitness journey, whether it is through Youtube (like me), social media platforms, a journal etc. This will lead you to better accountability as well as being able to smash your goals and see your improvement.


Accountability is huge when you are beginning your fitness journey. The workouts become hard, the food tracking becomes tedious, and meal prep is not something you always want to do. But, if you document your journey in any way that works for you, you're going to become more conscious of every decision you make. Holding yourself accountable also allows for you to fight through those hard battles of not wanting to workout or not wanting to meal prep. Because, personally nothing sucks worse then knowing your the reason you failed to meet your own goals. It gives you that motivation to crush your goals and get to where you want to be.

Ability to see your improvement

Another great thing about documenting you journey is simply to see how much improvement you have made. Whether you are taking progress pictures, to tracking your food, all the way to tracking your lifts or runs. As you progress in your journey you will be able to look back at the pages or videos and see where you begun to where you are now. Nothing is more motivating then seeing your improvement and seeing how you are crushing your goals.


Tracking is a whole other ball game for why it is great. From being able to document your workouts, to just remembering what you did that day. This reason is the whole package onto why you should be documenting you journey. You are able to see your strengths gains or milestones hit, and you are able to adjust your workout according to your ever growing fitness journey. Being able to see what you did and how you are doing helps push yourself harder for that one extra rep or that just a little fast mile to help improve your fitness.


Being able to see your progress along the journey does a huge amount for your motivation. Seeing you hit the personal best or to see the weight coming off your body. All this will do massive amounts for your personal confidence as well as motivation if you see yourself improving and losing or gaining the weight. Sometimes a little motivation is all we need to get over the next hurdle or to smash through the next barrier or plateau. But, documenting your journey will allow you to see these changes and push yourself harder.


Honestly the most important one, just be thankful that you have the opportunity to work out or to track your progress. Some people do not get to have the opportunities that some of us do, so make sure you are appreciative of what you have and be thankful that you can document your journey to help inspire others to do the same.

In conclusion, documenting your journey is important for so many reasons. It allows you to track your progress, to inspire others, and to motivate yourself. But, do not quit on yourself sometimes its hard to get up and workout. Sometimes your just not going to want to do something, but having that discipline and the documented journey makes a massive difference. So, follow my own personal journey on Youtube @Beginner_to_Ironman as well on Instagram to keep up to date on how I am holding myself accountable too.

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